4. IT HAS THAT ICONIC W-31 LOPE SOUND . 125 inches. This resulted in the debut of the W-34 performance option for the 1968 model year. Camshaft Bolt: 74 ft/lbs + 90 degrees angle torque Camshaft thrust plate: 132 in/lbs (T30 torx) Front cover bolts: 15 ft/lbs + 40 degrees angle torque Oil pan bolts: 125 in/lbs Many manufacturers put nothing but Chevy or Ford grinds on an Olds cam. : Cylinder head torque sequence, 260, 307, 350 403 Oldsmobile built engines On the V8, tighten the bolts, in the sequence illustrated, to 100 ft. AT = automatic trans 2BC/4BC: 2 or 4 barrel carb. Two per engine, sold each. 414 110 LS Oldsmobile 39 Deg. 1621 12 th St. In Stock Desc: Oldsmobile 394 V8 1964 Part # Product Oversize Qty Price Per Price Ext. 06/Rocker Arm Ratio) Cam Lift Opens Closes Duration Cam Lift Gross Valve Lift Center Line C/L Rocker Arm Ratio Valve Lash Clearance C-400-P INT. $114. was - $173. Pontiac 4 Cylinder 151, 1 Gear Cam Core (1979 - 1989) Pontiac 4 Cylinder 151 Iron Duke, 2 Gear Cam Core (1979 - 1989) Pontiac All V8 (1955 - 1981) Camshaft Accessories. 402: 116: 307-455: H: 279: 290: 187: 200 From 1980 until 1990, Oldsmobile made a 307-cubic-inch, eight-cylinder engine that was capable of producing between 140 and 180 horsepower. 8l v6 Camaro yr. 400: 112: 260-350Diesel: H: 284: 274: 172: 192. Description of specs and parts included in Street & Strip 455 Oldsmobile rotating assembly kits. It produces more street viable power than any of oldsmobiles other cams. Professional Engine Builders New Cam Profiles Flier. I HAVE TAKEN A CLOSE UP PICTURE OF THE SPECS  Valve Lash: Hyd. 385 bore/stroke, 8. 419/397" Cam Lift, . 99 $ 55 . Quick view. Tighten to 8 ft-lbs (10 N-m), then tighten an additional 1/3 turn to at least 37 ft-lbs (50 N-M). This came with a performance camshaft and a “GT” transmission Camshaft Alignment Tool. IT CAME STOCK IN YOUR W-31 350 MOTORS . You can expect major improvement in throttle response and torque. 050": 204 Camshaft, Mechanical Flat Tappet, Advertised Duration 294/304, Lift . Dec 28, 2009 · 1955 Oldsmobile 324 V8 Engine Specs is a website with information. 385-inches. 050 valve lift w/1. Oldsmobile. Oldsmobile V-8; Component Torque; Cylinder Head Bolts: 350 cu. 63. GM 3. Camshaft Bearing Tool. 447 114 1. Make Buick 400-430-455 Engine Specifications and Blueprinting . 491 lift on exhaust and a 110 lobe separation, Edelbrock Performer dual plane intake, topped with factory Ram Air -air cleaner package for Jan 12, 2018 · When it comes to Oldsmobile performance there are two things that are known. I ran the E303 cam in my Fox Body for a very long time and loved it. 250, stock rod length is 6. Warning!!! If you are using ARP bolts, you must use their specs. This page details the rebuild process for the engine, hopefully the right way this time. Search our online camshaft catalog and find the lowest priced discount auto parts on the web. performer rpm camshaft for oldsmobile Designed for street high-performance applications, Performer RPM cams provide power from 1500 to 6500 rpm. 050 112° Lobe Separation Technical Note: Recommended for use with 555-HCR Lifters, SK-247-SP (shallow seats) or SK-245-D (deep seats) Valve Spring Kit, TR-499 Timing Chain. P. 448 . 64 Cutlass 442 Tech. Jul 20, 2018 · Rebuilding an Oldsmobile engine. The following information has been directly complied from original Buick service manuals for the respective year of vehicle manufacture. 49 BBC -6 ATC 223 78 BBC 32 ATC 290 . Home > Camshafts > Oldsmobile. 1654 Bore Inside Diameter 55. 050-inch lift. Rear Main Cap Engine Oil 120 ft-lbs. Hydraulic Roller Custom Grind / Custom Order Camshaft; 1964 - 1967 Oldsmobile 300-425 Howards Cams 579995 Engines: Oldsmobile V8s: Differences between the Y and 9 engines. 03-30-2005, 09:13 AM. There are also performance versions of both types. CAMSHAFT SPECIFICATIONS Part No. 5" Flowmaster exhaust w/turndown's. 65 Cutlass 442 Tech. in. 86 24. This let the engineers increase the ramp speed of the camshaft for more power, 385 hp (287 kW), without sacrificing idle or reliability. Compare the specs. Its no different than a Chevy, don't worry about initial timing at first, get a dial back timing light and set advance to 36 degrees at 2800 RPMs then see where the idle timing is but if you want to just set the timing mark to the top of the tab and drive to check for pinging and starting issues then move down the tab 2 degrees until it don't ping and it starts when hot. It shared the same compression ratio of the Toronado Rocket at 10. Probably anyone with some natural feel for mechanics can install a racing camshaft, especially if he is careful and observant, before and during the removal of the stock camshaft. OLDSMOBILE > 1965 > F85 > 3. The Hurst/Olds was dropped from the lineup and wouldn't reappear until 1972. The engine only had 600 installed miles … Read More 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass technical specifications and data. . Eagle 455 Oldsmobile Street and Strip Rotating Assemblies. 64 | 9% OFF. Just try & get somebody to grind a camshaft to undo the valve tangle. Camshafts were usually interchangeable with other small block Rocket 8   Mailing Lists. 800-4200. Centerline: 111/111. Perhaps the most distinctive change was from the silver and black paint trim to the Firefrost Gold and White paint style which would forever identify the Hurst Oldsmobile relationship. Engine Repair Manual. 1643-2. $550. 529 @ 110. Jul 07, 2004 · Find the flaw in the following combination: a '67 Impala running a 327 small-block with stock heads, 8. Excellent response and good mileage with a mild gear and stock converter. Over 6,000 Automotive Torque Specs. FW303M: 1949-1955 Marine flywheel Aluminum The Toronado 425 engines had the same . Buyers ran away from Oldsmobile like it was the plague. valve lift lobe sep power lifter below part # hyd stage int exh int exh int exh int exh range idle part# part # american motors v8, 1966-92 - flat tappet cam / 290, 304, 343, 360, 390, 401 c. Olds Camshaft Specifications 1964-1977 Over Duration Lift Year Part # lap Int. with Camshaft Timing Flats in Clamped Position-Right Bank--TDC-1Piston Exhaust Stroke +/- 2° of Crankshaft Timing Reference Set Position with Camshaft Timing Flats in Clamped Position-Left Bank--TDC-4 Piston Exhaust Stroke +/- 2° of Crankshaft Journal Diameter 54. Toll Free. Jul 06, 2012 · Olds 350 650 Thunder AVS carb Performer RPM intake Stock #5 head's 1. 0L,) 350 (5. Compression ratio should be 9. 351 x 3. 512, Oldsmobile, V8, Each Not Yet Reviewed Part Number: HRS-514245-10 More Detail Home > Camshafts > Oldsmobile. They are smooth-idling cams for daily drivers, trucks, vans, RVs, and 4x4s. Early production 1966 Toronados differ from later cars in several areas. A total of four basic Oldsmobile 307 engines were installed in Oldsmobile G-bodies. 455 Cams I use Mondello's JM20-22 camshaft in my 9. Oldsmobile 442 II 7. 517/. The original 4. General. This one is a total pony car destroyer in the HC425, it'll set ya to grinnin and back in your seat big time. 820 · 2G DSM. $248. Search Car Torque Specifications by Engine or Model Whether carbureted or fuel injected, we have the engine for you! With a 10 year parts warranty, available payment plans, and our Mondello expertise, we’ll help you build the perfect custom engine for your Oldsmobile. This is the 2001 updated grinds now available from Engle Cams. Come on into the engine room and watch the guys . I believe they are the same. www. 050" Int Lift 1. 050-55. The 442 II model is a Coupé car manufactured by Oldsmobile, with 2 doors and - seats, sold new from year 1970. 050: 224°/234° Advertised Duration: 290°/300° 1500-6500 RPM Range Edelbrock Performer-Plus Camshaft Kit for Oldsmobile 400-425-455 V8. 5:1. Camshafts Melling offers a full line of OE replacement camshafts for cars, light duty, medium duty and heavy duty trucks. 5:1 compression, a 305-degree-duration cam, a two-barrel carb, stock exhaust manifolds, a Nonetheless, 1968 saw the first of Oldsmobile's W-31-option small-block engines, offered under the Ram-Rod 350 moniker. lbs. com . Members Rides. And as Oldsmobile tried to revamp its image with the “Not your father’s Oldsmobile” marketing campaign, […] Duration @. Oldsmobile - 260, 307 (5. TruckMax Hydraulic Flat 204/216 Cam and Lifter Kit for Oldsmobile 260-455. Jul 11, 2012 · Any head will bolt on any Oldsmobile block, even the newer 260-455 or Batten Oldsmobile heads. (98) | Conceptcarz. 5" and 3. Duration @ . 050 Valve lift with 1. The W-31 was built to make power the way other high-performance small-cube V-8s did: with high-flow induction, aggressive camshaft timing and RPM. Elgin, Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshaft, Oldsmobile V8, 204/214 @ . The transmission is GM's Turbo Hydra-Matic, also a rock solid design. Search Car Torque Specifications by Engine or Model Jul 09, 2009 · Stock Pontiac Cams ; Cam: Lifter Type: Pattern: Adv Intake Duration: Adv Exhaust Duration: Int Duration @ . Oldsmobile Starfire Hardtop Coupe 7. Upon initial installation of replacement ball joint, tighten nut to to 81 ft-lbs (110 N-m). 303 / 324 / 370 / 371 / 394 CI 1949 - 1963. 4K 0 0 0. the rod journals are 2. List compiled by Dave Worthington. Howards Cams, American Muscle Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshaft, Oldsmobile 39 Deg. Technical. 050” adv. S. camshaft application chart notes: comments mech/ dur @ . Near duplicate of the Olds 310HP/350 cam (GM #400084). 050" Ex Duration @ . Pressure Plate. 842 in (21. Compatible with computer engine controls. General Specifications for the 1968 400/430 and 1970 Buick 455 Cubic Inch Engines. 1955 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Technical Specifications and data. 050" tappet lift. Loading BogusSVO likes this. SOURCE: Head tourqe specs for 403 olds and bolt tightening Fig. This is a standard grind. M. Power range 1500-4000 R. Cruise/torque range 1800-2600 R. $1,895. ( 1977 and later ) and 403 cu. The advertised intake duration is 278 degrees and the exhaust duration is 288 degrees. Melling listings include OEM applications to match the engine requirements desired including horsepower, economy and needed engine torque. THIS CAMSHAFT AND LIFTERS WILL WORK WITH YOUR FACTORY ROCKERS AND SPRINGS . If the idle quality is other than stock, it is also noted in this column. The B09 option could be applied to any F-85 body style other than a station wagon, but no more than ten Toll Free. 395. 432 330 Police Pursuit 577994 We offer an exact factory duplicate camshaft for all Cutlass, 4-4-2 and Hurst/Olds applications. 75;1  30 Apr 2019 Olds rates duration at zero lift, while most cam manufacturers rate duration at . Of course, the most desirable aluminum V8's are the higher performance versions with increased compression ratios and four barrel carburetors. 2000. Generic codes tell you that there is a problem, but they don’t really tell you what particular part of the system is throwing the code. 01 cam OLDS CAMSHAFTS Advertised Duration Duration @ 0. You can also customize your search experience for Catalog, Part Search or Techinical Lookup. This engine was only available in the Oldsmobile Starfire and a performance economy model called the Jetstar I. 100 rod. Replaced cam and dont have toruqe seqence. Advertised duration figures are not reliable numbers when trying to compare one brand to another for these reasons: first, advertised duration numbers include clearance ramps, which have little to no positive effect on performance. Sep 21, 2016 · Typically camshaft manufacturers list this measurement by multiplying the cam lobe lift by the stock rocker arm ratio, usually 1. Also, I have a 56 shop manual someplace that I could copy the specs if this is not enough. I Have Owned My `57 Olds` For Over 8 Years The BoxWrench Engine Specs Database is a community resource for mechanics of all skill levels to access a reference library of Firing Orders, Distributor Rotation Directions and Block-Cylinder Numbering as well as Torque Specs, Timing Settings and Cylinder Head Tightening Sequences among other engine specs. (U. For Sale. 29 Mar 2018 The engine specs and information listed here is for a stock LY6 engine. 474x. While MCR was working on the car, the owner had the engine build done at another shop. 4 mm) diameter lifters of the first-generation Oldsmobile engines rather than the standard . What kind of power gain can I expect from an RV cam? Will there be any sound difference? oldsmobile collectors wake up!!! this 100% numbers matching and fully documented 1969 oldsmobile 442 w32 is in absolutely pristine condition!!! with only 297 units built in 1969, this perfect muscle car is an excellent investment and will only appreciate in value over the coming years!!! The good news is that the engine is rock solid Oldsmobile, which means it's a powerful and dependable source of motivation. Oldsmobile V8 Torque Specs. Duration: 280/289 Duration @ . 4:1 compression, Camshaft is a Comp Cams 51-224-4 High Energy Camshaft with a 274 intake duration and 286 duration on exhaust, . C This means that the Oldsmobile heads will fit on the Buick block, but not vice versa. Cam specs data such as valve lift, duration and lobe separation is shown at the far-right of each cam listing. 260: H: 256: 276: 180: 187. Availability:: Usually Ships in 24 Clay Smith Cams, home of Mr. 7L 350cid V8 > Engine > Camshaft. Stock Status:In Stock. /Exh. 474/. 473, 112 LC: Oldsmobile V8 260F-455 1967-1985 Adv. E303 Camshaft. Oct 24, 2011 · This was Oldsmobile’s first attempt at a real hemi-style engine design, that most people probably never knew existed. W-40 Includes the following items: Exterior Appearance Features Pontiac Factory Cam Specs - by Wallace Racing Home of Pontiac Powered Firebirds,Trans Ams,Pontiac Powered Dragsters,Pontiac Power Rules! The camshaft is the key to making the power come up when it needs to, and Dick is carefully researching his needs to The intake will be topped by a Carb Shop-built Holley 750 or 850 (Miller will test both and send whichever carb he's most Ignition duties will be handled by a Davis Unified Ignition (DUI) HEI unit from Performance Distributors Top Menu Options. At the time of writing we believe the specifications and applications in the camshaft to emission control vehicles used on public roads Pontiac, Olds. 447 this is an oldsmobile factory w-30 replacement camshaft and lifters . i got an engine and transmission  7 Feb 2017 Nick & Vasilis are in the final stages of assembly with this classic Oldsmobile power plant. The Olds 455 was introduced in 1968, it was developed from the Olds 425, which was a tall-deck version of the 330 engine design. IT CAME STOCK IN YOUR W-30 455 MOTORS . 99 Feb 21, 2020 · In 1964, Oldsmobile came out with a new 330 cid engine. com. Shop 394 Oldsmobile V8 Camshaft and Valvetrain parts and get Free Shipping on orders over $99 at Speedway Motors, the Racing and Rodding Specialists. Additional power increases can be expected with use of small diameter headers Camshaft Pulley Holder. Safe bore on a 303 is a whopping 0. RS642G: Camshaft Sprocket 1: 24. 451/. Make SBC Chevy CAM KIT 283 305 327 350 400 350 h. 319 x 1. 50x14: 5 x 5 The metal cams on the Camshaft nudge against the cylinder valves, so they open at exactly the right time. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. 005" - 3. depending on year and model torque: Apr 07, 2017 · In this video I talk about hot to install a new camshaft and align the timing gears with the crankshaft for proper setup and timing. Brian Throttle body rebuild kits. 00. If you need extra horsepower, performance and the muscle car sound, check out our line of cams. 474 lift. 075 2. 449/. Crane Fireball camshaft specifications. Home > 1961-Up Oldsmobile 88-98-Starfire-Toronado > Engine Components > Lifters, Camshafts, and Timing Chain & Gears Camshaft, 1959-64 Oldsmobile 371 and 394 V8 Item Number: SOC2 Oct 28, 2014 · 1965 Oldsmobile 442 Forum. To choose a street performance cam refer to “ Choosing The Right Cam”, and “Getting Information”, found on pages 11 and 12–13. 500 stroker crank w center counter weights and drilled for manual transmission. 030 with a performer and an automatic and it works flawlessly, it pulls HARD from idle to 5000 RPM, sounds tuff and pulls good vucuum at about 800RPM. 1L-191ci-V6 Engine Torque Specs. I've only got a set of $100. Big pistons and a short stroke are an excellent combination for a high-RPM engine, but here the other inherent 403 weakness comes into play: Windowed main webs, and to a lesser extent, siamesed cylinders. This gets you to a 3. THIS CAM KIT WILL WORK WITH YOUR FACTORY ROCKERS AND SPRINGS . A limited number of 1984 Oldsmobile "K47" style cars are being built with the Hurst/Olds W-40 Option. 001 2. , 145 @ 3600 R. We sell wholesale to the public. Detailed features and specs for the Used 2001 Oldsmobile Alero including fuel economy, transmission, warranty, engine type, cylinders, drivetrain and more. Shaft only, rocker arms sold separately. 298 . 7L 225cid V6 > Engine > Camshaft I replaced the cam shaft on my 98 Oldsmobile aurora and I dont have the torque sequence or specs for the bolts that's holding drown the cam. 99 $59. camshaft. Camshaft, 4/7 Swap, Hydraulic Roller Tappet, Advertised Duration 272/282, Lift . 7L), 400, 403, 425 & 455 (39° bank angle) Performance level 4 - Ultra-Performance Compu-Pro - The following grinds are best suited for dual purpose hot street/drag strip situations. 7L), 400, 403, 425 & 455 (39° bank angle) Performance level 2-3 - Power Compu-Pro - These cams provide excellent low end and mid-range power and extended rpm range for spirited street and offroad driving. The Edelbrock Performer-Plus Camshaft and Lifter Kit are part of the total power package to produce optimum torque from the low-end to the mid-range. 5 Rockers There was a time when Oldsmobile, not Chevy or Ford, was America's leading car producer. Edelbrock Part # 7112 Performer RPM Camshaft is designed for small-block Oldsmobile 350-403 V-8 applications. 50x14: 5 x 5 Oldsmobile camshaft specs. Oldsmobile muscle car fanatics, you will want to take a very close look at this amazing Olds W-Machine! ‘ Red Hills Rods & Classics ’ is proud to offer you this absolutely gorgeous, all numbers matching, rotisserie restored & heavily documented 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass S Sports Coupe W31, one of only (116) built! Oldsmobile 350 5. 460/435" Valve Lift (1. 1970 Oldsmobile 4-4-2. 5 HYD EXH. Originally designed for use in heavy vehicle and towing applications, these The following is the text of a memo from Oldsmobile Service dated April 13, 1984. Oldsmobile 442 1970, Camshaft by Melling®. A-Team Performance HEI Complete Distributor 65K Coil Compatible with Oldsmobile V8 Small Block Big Block 260 307 330 350 400 403 425 455 One Wire Installation Red Cap 4. 433 110 degrees ideal for family sedans, good low end torque and economy,smooth idle 42-228-4 260h 1200-5200 in 260 ex 260 in 212 ex Luckily, Oldsmobile still identified its strongest 4-4-2 by a single option code, W-30. Add to Cart. Gen I Olds V-8. 050", on a 112 Lobe Center. Thrust Bearings & Wear Plates; Cam Bolts; Thrust Buttons; Degree Bushings; Cam Lock Plates; Cam Phaser Locks & Limiters Stock horsepower ranged from the standard Buick Special's 155 H. Hi Guys I Am Writing This Message In Desperate Need For Help. p . dur. 050:  Cam specs data such as valve lift, duration Understanding the Cam Specification Card. $257. Good Luck. Read reviews, browse our car inventory In 1986, the 307 engine received a roller-camshaft valvetrain and new swirl-port heads to improve economy and low-end torque. 003" Valve lifter leakdown ratio Get detailed information on the 2001 Oldsmobile Alero including specifications and data that includes dimensions, engine specs, warranty, standard features, options, and more. Apr 07, 2017 · In this video I talk about hot to install a new camshaft and align the timing gears with the crankshaft for proper setup and timing. 1959-1960 Oldsmobile Starfire 371ci V8 engines - (performance upgrade cam) 1959-1964 Oldsmobile 394ci V8 engines - (performance upgrade cam) Cam Specs: Duration: 278/286. 050, . 050" lift. Intentionally blank: Intentionally blank: Related Parts. Oldsmobile All V8 (1968 - 1990) Pontiac. Choosing a cam requires answering some basic questions, the most important of which is the engine application itself. Camshaft Sensor Location, Front mount, 4x on cam I am looking to do a ls swap in my 1961 oldsmobile dynamic 88. Melling stock replacement camshafts are developed, engineered, tested and manufactured with the highest standards of quality and […] Mar 04, 2019 · Edelbrock Performer-Plus Camshaft Kits are designed for optimum torque from the low end to midrange. Ron Forsee has in '65 442 not recommended for Auto trans, pulls 11 lbs/Hg at 1000: W-30 cam Nov 30, 2005 · Claims say Oldsmobile accrued over 1. The big and small block engine types are almost identical, with the big block having a higher deck than the small block. 25 rockers. 520'' Duration @ . 50 Cam Lift Opens Closes Duration SAE Specs@ (0. THIS CAMSHAFT AND LIFTERS WILL ALSO WORK IN A 330,350,403,400,425,455 . Application 1964 387484 52 278/282 . All Oldsmobile Delta 88 6th-gen. 0015" - . ) as per original application. 00 #7 heads, with my 350 that is currently in my car. 3L Vortec from the mid-80s, first offered in 1985, until the mid-90s was available in Chevrolet and GMC full-size trucks, G-series vans, Chevrolet Astro vans, GMC Safari vans, Oldsmobile Bravada, GMC Jimmy, Chevrolet Blazer, Chevrolet S-10, and GMC Sonoma for truck applications. The bolts thats hold down the cam print all the cam specs, since such things are proprietary The crankshaft began life in a 330-inch Olds, but went through some changes before ending up at the Jeg's Engine Master Challenge. 050" is a measurement of the movement the cam follower, in crankshaft degrees, from the point where it’s first lifted . From Crankshaft Coalition Wiki. 51. This auction is for a brand new production camshaft for the 1956-1964 Oldsmobile V8 303, 324, 371, 394. This Edelbrock cam kit produced 397 HP & 400 ft-lbs. What a life it's led! The chromed-and-coated piece was machined to a stroke of 3. 1946-'50 Olds engine specs from secondchancegarage. The bore centers are the same, since the only differences between the small-block and big-block Olds blocks are the deck height (9. Int/Exh specs are . Oldsmobile performance and racing engines are the most popular motors that go through our machine shop. ERSON CAMS FIRST TO THE FINISH LINE! The RV camshaft was originated by Erson Cams in 1972. Engine, horsepower, torque, dimensions and mechanical details for the 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass. Nov 2, 2012 #5. We specialize in a wide-variety of high-quality car parts and accessories for your car, truck or SUV. 394 Oldsmobile V8 Camshaft and Valvetrain parts in-stock with same-day shipping. Control #: CM 209 S *** now in stock*** rocket racing's new oldsmobile billet 4340 4. 875 inch bore. Jul 19, 2009 · What is an RV camshaft? I am getting a RV(recreational vehicle) camshaft installed on my otherwise completely stock 3. In 1965 the 400 and 425 cid taller deck height engines were introduced. It’s known for its excellent street ability and decent track performance. 8:1 compression and a four-barrel carburetor, raising output to 185 hp at 4800 rpm and 230 lb-ft at 2800 rpm. 364 NOTE: Camshafts for modified standard blocks, or Oldsmobile/. 050 VALVE  Edelbrock Performer-Plus Camshaft # 2152 is designed for 400-425-455 Camshaft specifications:• Intake duration: 214 Degrees • Exhaust duration: 224  CAMSHAFT AND LIFTERS WILL ALSO WORK WITH MY TOP-END AND ALUMINUM HEAD KITS . Comp Cams 12-210-2 Camshaft. 472-inch lift. 447/. For the automatic, it became #409691 with 286/287-degrees duration and . FLYWHEELS. 5 million miles in testing the drivetrain – an unprecedented number in those days. , 160 @3600 R. Muscle car purists point to the Rocket 88 as the original muscle car, as Oldsmobile was the first to drop a powerful V-8 into a mid-size coupe. Detailed features and specs for the Used 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada including fuel economy, transmission, warranty, engine type, cylinders, drivetrain and more. World’s top manufacturer of performance camshafts, lifters, valve springs, rocker arms and related valve train parts for all race and street performance engines 260: H: 256: 276: 180: 187. 95. 050" : 204/208. World’s top manufacturer of performance camshafts, lifters, valve springs, rocker arms and related valve train parts for all race and street performance engines The Racer's Company. I also talk a little about comp cams valve train packages. Price: Alternate: Engle Racing Cams. 1 Rockers), 308/294 degrees of advertised duration, and 268/253 degrees of duration at . 0"; diesel 350 used BB size mains, however ). Just my thoughts, good luck either way you decide to go. 451. Mar 10, 2019 · The Oldsmobile Bravada is no exception to this rule. 60 LSA BRAND GRIND INTAKE EXHAUST Ultradyne H Erson MP1 TQ20H MP2 TQ40H JB100 Hi Flow IV The only engine in the Rallye 350 was the L74 Oldsmobile 350 which was rated at a stout 310 horsepower, and thanks to a 4-barrel carb and new H-pipe dual exhaust, this car scoots just the same. And as Oldsmobile tried to revamp its image with the “Not your father’s Oldsmobile” marketing campaign, […] Mar 21, 2003 · Year: Prod Total: Model Designation: Wheel base Inches: Weight Min/Max: Tire Size: Wheel Bolt Pattern: 1960: 189,864: Dynamic 88: 88: 123: 4052/4299: 8. OLDSMOBILE > 1968 > CUTLASS > 5. 5:1 rocker arm ratio, you can take . Only): 1-888-471-2827 International: 1-801-701-1242 Street Cam, 1400-5800 RPM Range 0. 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST 12. Mar 21, 2003 · Year: Prod Total: Model Designation: Wheel base Inches: Weight Min/Max: Tire Size: Wheel Bolt Pattern: 1960: 189,864: Dynamic 88: 88: 123: 4052/4299: 8. The Buick’s 215 was rated 155 hp at 4600 rpm. Reproduction decals were used wherever possible and even the little stuff is accurate, making this Olds look and run like it's supposed to. V8 260-455 1967-1990 Advertised Duration: 272/294 Stock specs on a 1977-79 403 are: [email protected] RPM, 320ft/lbs torque @2200 RPM, 4. Xtreme Energy™ 218/224 Hydraulic Flat Tappet Cam and Lifter Kit for Oldsmobile 260-455. OBDII P0340 means that there is a problem with the Camshaft Position Sensor (CPS) circuit. 1970 saw the lifting of GM's ban on engines greater than 400 cid installed in midsize cars. Santa Monica CA 90404 (310) 450-0806 Fax (310) 452-3753. 672/. 75;1 455+. 520 Exhaust Lift 300° Advertised Intake Duration/310° Advertised Exhaust Duration 224° Intake Duration @ . 7112. this is an oldsmobile factory w-31 replacement camshaft and lifters . The 1970 Olds 442 was the pinnacle of performance from Oldsmobile. Give us a call at 805-237-8808 for more information and pricing. / 210 lbs torque to the Oldsmobile Jetfire's turbocharged and fluid injected 215 H. 260, 307, 350, 400,  The Cam bank angle was 39 degrees and the diameter of the lifters was 0. Engine, horsepower, torque, dimensions and mechanical details for the 1957 Oldsmobile Super 88. 672, Oldsmobile, 260-455, Each Not Yet Reviewed Part Number: CRN-808811 More Detail oldsmobile camshafts available from the aftermarket: comp cam: cam part # grind# rpm range advertised duration duration @ . Read reviews, browse our car inventory Jun 03, 2019 · The camshaft position sensor gathers information about the vehicle's camshaft speed and sends it to the vehicle's engine control module (ECM). Stock Oldsmobile 455 Specs: standard bore is 4. The ECM uses this data to determine the timing of the Jun 11, 2008 · The first most complete 3800 torque spec guide on the net. 413/. of torque when used with #7111 intake and stock iron cylinder heads on a 350 engine. These hydraulic lifter camshafts are dyno-matched to Performer RPM manifolds for high-rpm horsepower while still maintaining acceptable low-end torque. 447 223/223 Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshaft ES179R ENG-L817-16 LIFTERS ISKY Racing Cams : - Retainers Apparel And Literature CAMSHAFTS Tools Valve Seals VALVE SPRINGS Special Order Roller Lifters Push Rod Valve Stem Oil Seal Engine Degree Wheel Distributor Drive Gear Shirt Camshaft Thrust Button Valve Spring Kit Timing Set Camshaft Kit Valve Spring Tester Camshaft Lifter Rocker Arm Rev Kit Engine Builder Tool Kit Valve Stem Seal Tool Hat Valve Spring Retainer Jan 25, 2012 · Oldsmobile has been gone for almost a decade, and most have forgotten the legacy it left behind. HP dropped to 170, with torque climbing to 250. 9805 ; CID: Cubic inch displacement of engine performer rpm camshaft for oldsmobile Designed for street high-performance applications, Performer RPM cams provide power from 1500 to 6500 rpm. 1984 Cutlass Calais K47 Style. Any more & you better sonic check the block. 5 V8 W-30 Engine Technical Data Engine type - Number of cylinders : Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon / Cutlass Supreme 5. Dec 22, 2010 · Collectible Classic: 1964-1967 Oldsmobile 442 a high-lift camshaft, and fender badges. 472/. I hope this helps. Check for Availability  This kit contains a hydraulic flat tappet camshaft with the following specs: RPM Range: 3200-6700; Duration: 294 / 294 (using Comp Cam calcs); Duration @ . $158. 130 1965 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser Series 33400 & 33800 Custom Cruiser, 3-seat 1966 Oldsmobile Cutlass F-85 Series 33800 Celebrity Sedan ISKY Racing Cams : - Retainers Apparel And Literature CAMSHAFTS Tools Valve Seals VALVE SPRINGS Special Order Roller Lifters Push Rod Valve Stem Oil Seal Engine Degree Wheel Distributor Drive Gear Shirt Camshaft Thrust Button Valve Spring Kit Timing Set Camshaft Kit Valve Spring Tester Camshaft Lifter Rocker Arm Rev Kit Engine Builder Tool Kit Valve Stem Seal Tool Hat Valve Spring Retainer Pontiac Engine Torque Specs Bolts or Parts Lube or Sealer Torque to: Main Caps Engine Oil 95 ft-lbs. Only): 1-888-471-2827 International: 1-801-701-1242 Engle TC30 Turbo Specific Camshaft is designed for 1. That’s because it’s a generic powertrain code. 1 out of 5 stars 22 $55. 433 ex . Many feel the 330 steel cranks are too rare, but Dick always Eagle 455 Oldsmobile Street and Strip Rotating Assemblies. The Performance Now camshafts are manufactured by Rebuilder's Choice for most American classic / performance vehicles. The E303 camshaft is the mildest of the Ford racing cams as you might see from the specifications. V8, 196/208 @ . englecams. Engine, Dimensions and Mechanical details. The W29 Lounge. /Hyd. 1683 1969 Hurst Oldsmobile . 4 mm). Ring Gear Avail. 496''/. This high-grade product was designed with craftsmanship and key attention to detail and manufactured using leading-edge The following camshaft series incorporates all the performance building, fuel saving technology developed in our testing programs and are available only from Erson Cams. Trending All Oldsmobile Starfire 1st-gen. May 03, 2012 · Camshaft Specs . Jan 05, 2011 · Again this is a factory engineered cam it specs 308x308 duration and a . 1. 125, stock stroke is 4. / 300 lbs torque. Specs @ 0. internal balance to be used with 7. 11. Gen II Olds V-8. camshaft source. Performer-Plus Camshafts match Performer Manifolds for vehicles operating from off-idle to 5500 RPM. Rocker Arm Shaft, 1957-60 Oldsmobile 371, 394 V8: Rocker arm shaft for 1957-58 Oldsmobile 371 and 394 V8 engines, and the first 12,000 1960 371 and 394 V8s. Early engines had regular flat hydraulic lifters and later engines used roller lifters with shorter pushrods and matching camshaft. 7L), 400, 403, 425 & 455 (39° bank angle) Performance level 3 - Power Beast - Delivers impressive midrange and top end  Chapter 1: Engines: Oldsmobile V8s: Camshafts. 8L-231ci-V6 Engine Torque Specs. 1957 Oldsmobile Super 88 technical specifications and data. 8422" - . 376: 114: 307: H: 249: 256: 178: 186. 496 Intake lift / 0. Over the years other displacements were added. 86 C-494: Timing Chain 1: 18. From the late-1980s until 2004, Oldsmobile’s model offerings were bland and unappealing. 430/. Read More Cam Degreeing is Simple 1949-1964 Oldsmobile to 32-48 Ford Trans . Ford had powered its 1932 coupes with a V-8, but the horsepower was only 65. Convertible versions offered for the year 1961 with complete specs, performance and technical data in the catalogue of cars Photo of the moment: 1953 Nash Ambassador Custom 2-Door Club Sedan LeMans Dual Jetfire 1961-1964 Oldsmobile Starfire 394ci V8 engines. 7 V8 68-76 comp engine : Alternative Views: OLDS 350 68-76 COMP ENG Our Price: $ 2,097. 00 The main distinguishing features of this engine were a slightly different camshaft profile from the standard ultra high compression engine and factory dual exhaust. TIM BUCKLOW. Int. Meets or exceeds OEM specs; Idle: Stock; Original equipment performance; Latest high quality materials; Precision machining. 319 and you're using a 1. Clevite, Advertised Duration, Duration @ 0. 050, Valve  Oldsmobile Camshafts available from the aftermarket: Comp Cam: CAM PART # GRIND# RPM RANGE ADVERTISED DURATION DURATION @ . com This article needs further development. Ransom had cobbled up his first car in 1891, strictly as an experiment. 0:1 compression ratio. 6 ratio rocker lobe seperation angle summary high energy 42-227-4 252h 800-4800 in 252 ex252 in 206 ex 206 in . 735, stock wrist pin size is . Start your search by Engine, Chassis or Heavy Duty Chassis by making your selection in the top menu. 921 in (23. 5" Valve lifter diameter. Filed under Oldsmobile Engine. ST = standard trans. 200 with standard bbo main size that are both gun drilled. The centerpiece of the package was a 455ci V8 that offered 400 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque by way of larger intake valves, a special performance camshaft, and a unique cold air induction system. 9805 ; CID: Cubic inch displacement of engine GM 3. 33" and 10. 0 V8 Engine Technical Data Engine type - Number of cylinders : Choosing a particular type of camshaft for an engine build is an important decision that has to be made before any other parts are ordered or machined. Description / Material. Search Car Torque Specifications by Engine or Model Buy the right performance camshaft for your GM LS Series Engine or other GM vehicle at GMPartsDirect. GM dropped the regulation of no more than 400ci, so Olds responded with the Olds 455 V8 as the standard engine! Output was 365 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque with a 370 hp variant available with the W-30 option. 220 lb-ft of torque at 2400 rpm with a Rochester 2GC two-barrel carburetor and 8. PART # OLDSMOBILE V8 1967-85 (30 DEGREE BANK ANGLE). Camshaft Assembly Paste. 8427" Valve lifter clearance in crankcase. Oldsmobile Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshaft Oldsmobile - 260, 307 (5. Although it was publicized in 1988 that the Quad 4 was forthcoming in a 180 bhp (134 kW) "HO", as well as a 250 Mar 29, 2010 · Fig. Although Oldsmobile had gotten around that rule in 1968 and 1969 through the Hurst/Olds, this now enabled Oldsmobile to offer its 455 cid V8 in all 4-4-2s. It features smooth idling cams for daily drivers, trucks or vans. Condition: New. 5, which is . 0L 1986, High Energy™ Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshaft by COMP Cams®. 472-inch lift and #400165 was employed for the W-30 with the automatic and A/C and measured 285/287-degrees COMP Cams 42-229-4 High Energy Hydraulic Camshaft, Oldsmobile 260/455. I made the decision to keep my Olds all Oldsmobile. com also. 973-55. Based on a brand new US made blank (NOT a regrind), our cams meet all factory specifications (lift, duration, valve timing, etc. Many of these fast oldsmobile engines find homes in cars like the cutlass, 88, 98, or the 442. The 307 went into nearly all '80's Oldmobiles, including the Delta 88s, Cutlass/442, 98s and Toronados. Mar 22, 2018 · Oldsmobile 455 Engine Rebuild The “rebuilt” engine purchased for project Dangerboat ultimately would fail within its first year. 921 inches. So the muscle car era lived on for another year with the help of the 1971 Oldsmobile 4-4-2 W-30. 5 or less. Performer RPM Camshaft Kit Small Block Oldsmobile 350-403ci Lift: . 1 BTC 42 ABC 223 30 BTC 80 ABC 290 . Part Number. Since the 1960s, Lunati has manufactured engine components of the highest quality using cutting-edge technology. We offer high quality new, OEM, aftermarket and remanufactured Oldsmobile Cutlass Camshaft parts. year of introduction: 1949 last year offered: 1953 horsepower: 135 @ 3600 R. 1 or 1. The 1985 442 used an OZ code THM 200-4R transmission The Starfire model is a Coupé car manufactured by Oldsmobile, with 2 doors and - seats, sold new from year 1966. Running Keith Black Hypereutectic dished pistons giving it 9. Email Address: Links. May 25, 2018 · This appears to be what happened with a 1968 Olds 442 that came to Muscle Car Restorations for a complete resto. Holiday Sedan versions offered for the year 1965 with complete specs, performance and technical data in the catalogue of cars. If you give up on your Olds engine, shoot me a price on your block, if you have the time to strap it to a skid and ship it to me, I'd be happy to take it. 050 / 234° Exhaust Duration @ . 6 Scorpion roller rocker's Comp's xe268 camshaft Hooker Competition header's 2. i. 625", respectively) and the main journal size ( 2. For example, if your cam lobe lift is . Oldsmobile camshaft specs. Camshaft size: Bigger or smaller is based on duration (how long the valve is open), not lift, more specifically duration @ 0. Their latest specs do not match completely with previous specs, so I do not know if they are different cams or if their means of measuring was that far off. Two: if you want big power numbers from an Olds, you’re going to be in for a project, as the stock blocks are Camshaft works well in stock or slightly modified engines with stock gears. 99 $59. When all bolts have been tightened to this figure, begin the tightening sequence again, and torque all bolts to 130 ft. The 1949 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 equipped with a 135-horsepower 303 V-8 was the grandfather of the Olds 350. 488 lift intake/. Every single product we sell undergoes extensive testing and analysis to ensure the end result is a superior product that can withstand demanding race conditions. 050" from the base circle on the closing ramp side of the camshaft lobe. This premium product is the best way to go for those looking for the highest quality replacement that offers supreme levels of quality, performance and reliability. Eddies builds many oldsmobile motors a year with many different performance configurations that depends on the car and customer wants and needs. Most early specs included more up ramp than down ramp and this leads to a non-symmetric profile and throws the calculated centers off. I'll try to remember to bring the specs in tomorrow I use one in my engine too. Most V8. 376. valve lift lobe sep power lifter below part # hyd stage int exh int exh int exh int exh range idle part# part # american motors v8, 1966-92 290, 304, 343, 360, 390, 401 c. Camshaft journal clearance in bearings. That time was 1903-05, when Lansing rolled to success with Ransom Eli Olds' little curved-dash runabout, which was then selling in the thousands each year. Most ca According to Oldsmobile's Engine Assembly Manual, the W-30 four-speed cam was tamed to #409759 with 294/296-degrees advertised duration and . Free shipping. Buick 400-430-455 Engine Specifications and Blueprinting . 479 inches of overall valve lift. 050" off the base circle on the opening ramp side of the camshaft lobe, to the point where it ends up being . 472 105 115 1500-4000 smooth 2011 b, d Another such event was the 1988 Indianapolis 500, when Oldsmobile was chosen to pace the race with a convertible version of their Cutlass Supreme, and a pre-production turbocharged Quad 4 was the engine of choice for their pace car. mc1786 hyd 2 204 214 280 290 . 1673-2. Partsgeek offers replacements for the Cutlass, Alero, Delta 88, Cutlass Ciera, Silhouette, Cutlass Cruiser plus more. The engine was based off of Oldsmobile’s 455 Rocket block design, although technically it was a one-off design, manufactured to accept Oldsmobile’s real 4 valves per cylinder special hemispherical prototype cylinder head. IT HAS THAT ICONIC W-30 LOPE SOUND . One: if you want solid, reliable power with an Oldsmobile powerplant, Rocket Racing and Performance is one of the leaders in the Oldsmobile performance game. 1957 Oldsmobile Camshaft. OAI =  Brand new original spec camshafts in stock for ALL 64 - 72 Olds Cutlass, 442, a regrind), our cams meet all factory specifications (lift, duration, valve timing, etc   25 May 2018 Not just down a bit from factory levels (the build was supposed to be to stock specs) but almost un-drivable. Except for new grille and taillamp inserts, the 4-4-2 was essentially unaltered from 1970, though the pillared coupe body was dropped. The 1969 Hurst/Olds received slight modifications from the 1968 Hurst/Olds including revised powertrain and exterior styling. Valve Lift: . Actually, it was barely able to get out  Oldsmobile - 260, 307 (5. Official GM Parts Direct auto parts site. Anti-Pump Up Hydraulic Lifters for Buick 300-455 Jan 25, 2012 · Oldsmobile has been gone for almost a decade, and most have forgotten the legacy it left behind. Early Production Differences. ENGINE PRO DIESEL PERFORMANCE CAMSHAFT SPECIFICATIONS. Horsepower engineers world class camshafts and custom cams. oldsmobile camshaft specs

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