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3. Uberti: 12-28 x . 00 per set. The USFAs hold up of course, but the Italian SAA clones (Uberti and Pietta anyways) made AFTER both revised their factories in 2000/2001 are doing quite well in SASS. 44 Cal and I would like to know if the Pietta cylinder can be machined to fit the Uberti. P. I have also owned two Pietta cap and ball BP revolvers that were excellent shooters, although one of them was less well finished than the other. l, which has used the same logo since its founding in 1959 – a capital U contained within an octagonal barrel device. Dec 15, 2018 · Uberti VS Pietta Remington new model army 1858 black powder revolvers review - Duration: 33:11. Uberti makes a military (four screw cut for stock) and civilian (not cut w/ brass BS/TG) while Pietta ony makes the military model IIRC Dec 05, 2008 · Pietta Vs. Sep 19, 2010 · Uberti VS. May 10, 2010 · No Uberti is not a Smith & Wesson or Ruger. 250" threads. Uberti Firearms 1873 Cattleman New Model 45 Colt Polished Nicke $ 564. 376 round ball; and a #11 size percussion cap. I've found QC varies by the calendar date; I have Piettas and Ubertis both that approach flawless fit and finish, and also a Uberti 1862 Colt with bad fit - enough endshake that it required better nipples just for the hammer to reach in order to fire. I start with by giving historical  Is the reliability and such of the pietta going to differ from the Uberti to justify spending the money on ubertis or even rugers for a beginner? В отношении Uberti вроде сталь лучше чем от Pietta (это мнение некоторых пользователей и не ручаюсь за правдивость), барабан  7 Dec 2015 Uberti comes with a crowned barrel, Pietta does not. n. Uberti comes with a crowned barrel, Pietta does not. Barrel re-ling for the Navy revolver to . LLI PIETTA di Pietta Giuseppe & C. 7:57. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @Uberti_USA Pietta 1851 Confederate Navy Black Powder Revolver replicates one of widely used sidearms of the American Civil War. Slysel sem ruzne nazory a zatim lepe dopadaji pro Piettu. 215 Traditions™ offers 1873 Single Action Revolvers made by Pietta in two series with a variety of choices. We will be working with the . I know that the Pietta cylinder is . of Italy is very well known in the trade as a producer of fine replica rifles and pistols including the Model 1866 “Yellowboy”. WARNING-- BLACKPOWDER USE ONLY. Be careful not to drop them. Pietta Colt 1851 Reb Navy. The Henry had a split along the bottom of the magazine, which allowed dirt to The Uberti replicas of the Colt SAA come in an extensive variety of finishes and barrel lengths. Pietta. It would be for target use only. Pietta is using a transfer bar on their newer Traditions line. 75m x . May require minor fitting. Colt NEVER made a brass framed pistol, but the Confederacy did when steel ran low, and those pistols, as was the Whitney, a virtual copy of the 1851. 375" Bore)∗∗∗Attention:Revolvers made prior to 2002 may need to have the cylinder fitted by Howell Arms∗∗ Jun 06, 2012 · Uberti Stallion vs Cattleman. 00: Spare Cylinder For 1858 Remington The 1851 Navy was a scaled up . 45 Caliber. She likes it becuse it fits her hand better than the Ruger or the Uberti. Take to the field. Uberti Walker: 83-20005: $110. Our Price: $ 329. This is the short stroke kit that we have been making since 2004. This Pietta Model 1851 Navy "Yank" . Salute to the Old West legend! This is it THE revolver of the West, as carried by Wild Bill Hickok, "Doc" Holliday, Robert E. I have compared them both side by side and as a shooter, for durability and performance the Uberti is the clear winner. The Uberti's rear sight has a square notch and the front blade has a squared profile, as viewed by the shooter, while the Winchester comes with a brass bead front sight. Jul 28, 2018 · In this video, I compare Pietta and Uberti, which are both popular Italian manufacturers of black powder firearms. 4 open top conversions 38 Spl. 36 Police Uberti. Fits: Colt, Uberti, Pietta, Cimarron, Traditions, Black Powder 1860 Army & 1851 & 1861 Navy Revolvers. 3 New Model Russian Revolver. it - Sito web www. Thanks, GasMan. Uberti uses the correct 7 1/2 inch barrel while Piettas is 8 inches. it ® BLACK POWDER MUZZLELOADING REVOLVERS AND CARBINES ® Pietta 1858 Bison Black Powder Revolver 44 Caliber 12" Barrel Brass Frame Blue List price was $339. 44 Revolver Stainless Steel Conversion Cylinder PIETTA's 1873 Single Action Revolvers. The Uberti would have the larger discrepancy of . So basically, Uberti used to make great stuff. c. Glad I did. New Smith&Wesson 380 snub nose. Cimarron Uberti Model P - Thunderer® - New Sheriff - Uberti Pistolero® Parts Snippets Volume 2016-4: Pietta vs Ruger Single-Action . 290. 1862 Police - Uberti: Colt Manhattan Firearms Revolver Parts. Thanks. The Colt SAA is too expensive for me, so I wanted to know which was closest to the SAA, Speaking by Size, Feel, but is still tough. 1851 through 1861 Models. 44 Conversion Kit to 22LR This rear-loading Conversion Cylinder assembly will convert your 1851, 1860 & 1861 . This particular Piettta is imported and marked by Traditions, but it's a Pietta, through and through. Pietta's are 1 GW2 38/357, 1 GW2 44-40 and 2 GW2 Alchemista's 44-40. May 03, 2009 · I am looking for info on the Italian black powder gun manufacturers, Pietta vs. Pietta's 1873 is offered in three centerfire calibers (357 Magnum, 44-40 and 45 Long Colt) and three traditional barrel lengths: 4-3/4, 5-1/2 and 7-1/2 inches. By sorander, September 19, 2010 in Svartkruttskyting. But today they are while Pietta's are not. Whether you're drawn to historic firearms by the thrill of cowboy action shooting, the mystique of the American Old West, re-enactments of the Civil War, or the excitement of mounted shooting, Uberti is your source for cartridge revolvers, black powder revolvers and cartridge rifles. An empty chamber is 17% less capacity on a 6 shot revolver, and that’s significant. In general, the Uberti and Pietta revolvers currently being produced are intended to be replicas of the originals. Please click on "More Information" Mar 18, 2005 · Cimarron vs. Uberti, now owned by Beretta Holding Co. Revolvers can be had in traditional blue with color case hardened frame, nickel plated steel, stainless steel, and a low sheen powder coat finish. 00. Colt/EMF fits Colt Cowboy and Single Action Army, EMF Hartford. So I sent it back and upgraded to the Uberti. 1860 Pietta Army . Uberti Frame USFA’s NOTE: The question I get asked most often is “Is my USFA one of the first prototypes built on a Uberti frame with Uberti parts?” If your USFA has a serial number “20,XXX, 21,XXX or 22,XXX through 22,500 or so, you have a USFA built on a Uberti frame and I do not believe it is worth as much as a high quality 100% USFA Taylor/Pietta 1861 Navy Steel . The . Walker & Dragoon: by Uberti 1/4" x 28 x . Our Frontier Series showcases all of our top quality features and finishes. 44 review, will colt Revolver 1873 SAA Blued 5. Browse the current selection available for the perfect replacement parts and accessories for your Uberti replica firearm. di PIETTA Giuseppe & C. Help with this question would be much appreciated. Uberti and Pietta are comparable anymore. 44-Caliber Black Powder Revolver delivers that same power with its blued steel construction, polished brass trigger guard, octagonal barrel and walnut grips. Shop for hard to find Replica firearms from Pietta. Jul 16, 2014 · That said, if you ever get a '58 Remington, you'll like it. Uberti, S. I'm going to buy one I just want opinions on which is the best. I’ll also demonstrate how to install an Uberti rammer in a Pietta Revolver to allow the Pietta to load conicals like the Uberti. 38 Special Snubnose & . It featured a long grip frame for its target grips and a wide target hammer with a low profile. 22 WMR and . Uberti Firearms 1873 Cattleman II New Model, . For more information and to see quantity in stock, click the "More Info" button. Oct 17, 2018 · F. 36, . I'd like to hear some opinions why I should or shouldn't go either, currently I'm leaning to Uberti. Uberti is a leader in the sport of Cowboy action shooting. 99 Non-Member $449. 200" threads. Oct 03, 2015 · Pietta 5. r. Today, they produce black powder revolvers, cartridge revolvers and cartridge rifles. 00 (7) May 16, 2019 · Frontier Stainless Steel in . The Pietta 1851 is . 36 Caliber Griswold from Pietta. Shiloh Sharps. Due to the number of backstrap variations on '51 navies, the best way to determine which of our navy grips will fit your gun is to trace around either the backstrap or the grip that is currently on your gun and MAIL that tracing to us. The Pietta 1858 Remington style revolver with the Kirst parts being checked for initial fit. Add to Cart. 44 Colt/Remington? I'm after a black powder revolver but fairly new to pistol shooting. The 1851 Navy 6 shooter is one of the PIETTA’s 1873 Single Action Revolver offers today’s single action fans quality features and performance at an affordable price. This beautiful revolver features the new transfer bar system which allows the handgun to be carried with all six chambers loaded. A. any others, in particular regarding a Remington-type revolver. 44 Pietta, Uberti or Armi San Marco to a . 00: Spare Cylinder For 1st Model Uberti Dragoon: 83-80005: $94. The 6-Shot offers Perfect Balance, Precise Aim, And Dependability. Founded in Gardone Val Trompia, 1959, Pietta has produced parts that Numrich Gun Parts finds and delivers to you at great values! Pietta 1860 Accuracy In this video we will test the accuracy of the Pietta 1860 Army. Uberti does a better finish job polishing the inside of the trigger guard. 45 LC cartridge shooting firearm. 2 are Richard Mason's, 1 60 Army and 1 72 (Navy). I've been told (gunstore chappie) that the Cimarrons are built to a higher quality standard than the A. 44 army model 1851, pietta 1851 44 cal are the grips the same size as 1860 army 44 cal, pietta 1851 navy 44 cal yac44, pietta firearms, pietta loose loading lever, pin hammer loose on pietta 45, uberti 1851 cal. 36cal, by Pietta Revolver Nipples for Pietta or Uberti. offers this Gun, Which Has Come To Symbolize The days Of The Stagecoach, Pony Express, And The Civil War. 36 8 1/8" Barrel Cap and Ball Revolver The 1851 Navy revolver, produced from 1851 to 1872, was the most famous model of the cap-and-ball era for good reasons. These traditional single-shot, rolling block, trapdoor, and slide- and lever-action designs are built using today’s finest manufacturing methods and materials, so you can confidently use modern loads. 357 Magnum Revolver - Everything You Need To Know Pietta vs Uberti ? I'm a Uberti fan with 4 of their revolvers in my shooting collection. It is my understanding that Pietta & Uberti would sell partly finished guns to various US retail outfits for final finishing, branding and resale. It is available either as the default 1-piece kit (two panels plus a spacer) or as the screw-mount 2-piece kit (two panels with screw mount installed). Cimmaron, is a Uberti distributor, nothing more. Uberti on the left and Pietta on the right. 62. Uberti has a nice hand rubbed oil to a gloss on the grips. Uberti 1875 Outlaw . Fredericksburg, TX 78624 31877-SIX GUM Nov 19, 2012 · pics uberti 1858 vs pietta 1858, pietta 1858 army snub nose, pietta 1858 remington, pietta cap and ball revolvers, remington 1858 forum. Dec 01, 2017 · Pietta vs. This includes fitting for a no creep trigger. For Fratelli Pietta, another of Italy's leading manufac-turers of black powder pistols and long arms, the initials FAP contained within a horizontal diamond identify Oct 20, 2015 · I've never shot the Pietta, but my 3. Fabbrica Armi F. Take a close look at grip type (C) is this the shape of your grip? (These usually fit the newest production of the Pietta best) and can be fit to the older Pietta and the Uberti with more sanding. Nov 17, 2015 · Uberti’s 1860 Henry ran well on the range, offering 13+1 rounds of . Use only blackpowder or blackpowder substitute in   PEDERSOLI & UBERTI CATALOGUES ARE $20 EACH – INCLUDING POST PIETTA, or HUGLU firearms or parts that have been parallel imported by NZ. 00 (0) A. The ubertis wood finish and fit is superior to pietta. F lli. Jan 08, 2018 · Uberti 1858 Buffalo Bill Centennial One hundred years ago, the world lost its first international celebrity, Buffalo Bill. With this custom shop Peacemaker Uberti has raised the bar for factory made single-actions. Uberti Firearms 1873 Cat Bird Head 45 Colt Revolver 344691 $ 460. Dec 31, 2008 · Uberti is often touted as the "best" BP revolver available, and it is VERY nice, and fit and finish is only a little better than the Pietta. As Low prices on Uberti handguns start at Champion Firearms. Any experience with Pietta revolvers? This is a discussion on SA revolver help. The standard New Vaquero and Uberti Cattleman grips are going to be nearly identical. On the site is available the sample of the weapons produced and the related technical data sheets. of Italy imported by Century Arms International. Beginners Guide To The . Enjoy the thrill of shooting a gun from the Old West. The overall finish of the Pietta was not impressive there was way too much of a gap between the cylinder and the barrel I was too afraid to even try to fire it. $200 : Gallery / Online ordering : Pietta: Cimarron Frontier: $200 : Gallery / Online Ordering : EMF Great Western II: $200 : Gallery / Online Ordering : CAI / Traditions 1873: $200 : Gallery / Online Ordering : USFA: Late model Rodeo For Uberti & Pietta. 357 Magnum, . Made of the finest materials and available in a variety of colors, these Uberti pistol grips are the perfect way to accent your 1873 model of pistol. Taylor & Co. A cylinder change  1848 3rd Model Dragoon Revolver, Uberti, . Used to be, Pietta was a bit behind Uberti in quality and worksmanship, but that Pietta was very slick. Get your hands on both and you'll see it. S. LLI PIETTA Muzzleloading Pistol/Carbines Owners/Instruction Manual, NRA Pietta Colt 1851 Navy Trigger Guard, . The same is true of Aldo Uberti, S. A friend made me an offer on the Pietta, and preferring a 5 1/2" ba Mar 15, 2019 · This Colt SAA knockoff as well as other counterparts has been accurately cloned by Uberti and retailed by Taylor’s & Co. 319" Thread journal length: 0. He had the whole rig, gunbelt, holster and a couple of spare cylinders in pouches. 5" Uberti 1873 Old Model Birdshead is a thing of beauty and runs like a swiss watch (other than the crappy pinched-V sight of the BP-era SAA). NEW IN BOX: $250: TAYLORS & CO. Not being able to carry six on the original SAA was a design defect. I upgraded the nipples to SliX-Shot stainless steel nipples. 36 cal revolver wad; a . All have functioned fine no big problems after thousands of rounds. Full size No licence is required in the UK to purchase or own a blank firer. I understand that Pietta quality has come way up in the last few years, but Uberti has always made a good product. Only modernization on the Pietta Frontier I saw was the base pin having two notches so that it could act to disable the action. 5 inch 22LR 22Mag Revolver Cabela's Traditions review. They are made in Italy as are many western guns imported to the US. Aug 07, 2013 · All of my Cap-N-Ball Revolvers are Uberti's and were imported by Taylor's. The Uberti Regulator on the bench before beginning the modifications. Aug 17, 2016 · Only real difference between the Pietta and Uberti 1861 Naves is the barrel length. Registered Users do not see the above ad. , and a Pietta New Army . it e-mail: info@pietta. S. 319" long cone for some FAP - Pietta Remington, Pietta Colt, Pietta Le Mat replica revolvers, fits Pietta 1873 Colt Percussion, #11 CCI cap, stainless steel Cone length: 0. USA guns have better profiled grips behind the frame and trigger guard. Click on the picture for more images. another $300 or so with Tri-L machine or the like to have the gun re-barreled and tuned. Guns Of The West 234,721 views. Piettas will get you in the game but if possible I'd opt for the Uberti (Cimarron). Quantity: Buy now. It's not exactly an  15 Dec 2018 In this video, I compare Pietta and Uberti revolvers on the ability to load conical bullets. 44 Magnum, . Be sure to subscribe to my channel for more videos. is an Italian manufacturer of high quality replicas of 19th century American percussion revolvers, carbines, and rifles as well as cartridge revolvers, single-shot rifles, and lever-action rifles. Compliment your   Standing beside or in front of the shooter is not safe. machinery has made Uberti replicas exact to the smallest detail Brass B/S and T/G and better than the originals in function and durability. 010" with the Pietta barrel groove/chamber difference being only . $475. What the 1873 Single-Action Army Series offers: Available in 45 Long Colt, . The standard kit will shorten the lever throw of your stock Uberti rifle by 1 3/4" to 2". The highly realistic Pietta Model 1858 New Army . 39 030 37 37 098 Fax 39 030 37 37 100 www. Their cylinders perfectly exchange with original guns and they weigh the same. The Pietta is cheaper. 00 F. Plain grip for Colt 1851 Navy by Uberti. Pietta Shotguns; Pedersoli Shotguns; Blank Firers. This was a Colt SAA clone manufactured by F. Improve your scores at your next cowboy action match. 45 LC (PR49942) $450. 22 $ 482. Jun 17, 2016 · I am glad Uberti has joined the club on a internal saftey. 36 caliber, 6-shot steel-frame 1851-1861 Navy Revolver to a . ' It is much smaller than the Uberti and significanly smaller than the originals. 36 or . The Frontier is Uberti Paterson Revolver With or Without Loading Lever Parts. 45 Auto that use standard grip stud spacing. Uberti 1871-72 Early Model Navy 38 Special In 1959, Aldo Uberti began making replicas of Civil War-era cap and ball revolvers. These replicas are very popular in civil war reenacting and Cowboy Action Shooting. 44-40 Winchester firepower in a high-quality reproduction. " Description Pietta Nipple & Wrench Set (1851, 1860, 1861, 1862, 1858) 6x Nipples & Wrench Check Stock Aug 29, 2015 · The Uberti 1858 New Army Conversion revolver is well made and a quality piece of hardware and Uberti is known for its handiwork. The Pietta Model 1860 has an incorrect "loading tunnel. If you want that Colt's experience, then you go with the Uberti; but understand, the Colt SAA is a somewhat fragile design. 45 LC caliber revolver. 44 cal. If true, this means both revolvers have a barrel groove diameter substantially larger than the chamber. Earlier Uberti 1858 Remy's back in the 70's were not dovetailed. Pietta’s transfer bar system provides a high level of safety for an 1873 style single action firearm. Pietta: 6m x . This cylinder converts the . Eg, Ruger Single 10, USFA 12/22, Uberti’s 12 shot Cattleman. The 1875 Army Outlaw Revolver is available in 5-1/2-inch and 7-1/2-inch barrel lengths. Our 1860 Army Colt Gips are made slightly oversized and will fit Uberti 1873 Cattleman El Patron Grizzly Paw New Model as well as the 1860 and 1872 Colt army made by Cimarron, Pietta and Uberti. Joined Sep 10, 2009 · 34 Posts . 4 Rifles; SMLE Rifles; Military Centrefire Rifles; Rimfire Rifles. Wolff extra power base pin springs provide positive latching to help prevent the possibility of the cylinder pin becoming unlocked. Three of the most popular models have been recreated as Uberti rifles: The Yellowboy Carbine with 19″ barrel and carbine-style brass buttplate; the Yellowboy Rifle with 24-1/4″ barrel SHORT STROKE KITS, FOR UBERTI RIFLES . Uberti 1858 Remington . Uberti® firearms are exacting replicas, down to the finest detail. Standard Short Stroke Kit. snc Via Mandolossa, 102 25064 GUSSAGO (Brescia) Italy Cod. from 235. R. I think Pietta’s are more close to the Colt design. 99 List Price: $ 339. The action on the Uberti is a bit slicker, lockup is tight as a vault, and the overall finish is just a touch better. Follow along as we convert this Pietta made 1858 Remington percussion revolver into a . Good stuff but not great stuff. Uberti vs Pietta W jednym z odcinków „American Guns”, u nas znanym jako „Broń na sprzedaż”, szefowi firmy zaproponowano kupno prawdziwego rarytasu w kolekcjonerskim świecie – oryginalnego Colta Walkera i Dragoona. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last. Fit and finish are excellent! Here's how I look at the slight differences: If Cimarron oders say 100 units of type X and Uberti knocks-out 150, Cimarron gets the best 100. Walker/Dragoon Nipples are $40. only. 215" threads. Today, Pietta is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality, replica firearms of the past and innovative, modern firearms of the present. His channel is Duelist1954. com 105 Winding oak Rd. P F. 99 Here is a consideration in the Pietta vs Uberti saga. The Swartz crew 3,584 views. 00 (3) F. it Pietta 1858 New Army . The handy, more powerful revolver immediately found a following among soldiers and civilians alike and was eventually adopted by both the U. percussion revolver to a five shot . Designed to fit only Pietta black powder revolvers. Cimarron 1861 Navy Colt Full Revew and Ballistics Gel Test - Uberti and Pietta are producing fine Remington style handguns, both authentic and unauthentic. *NEW* re-lining for Army revolvers to . Barrel length varies from 4 3/4 to 16 1/2 inches. 10-17-2011, 01:11 PM #2. 447" and a barrel groove diameter of . IMO, the Ubertis were made to extremely high quality standards from the beginning, while Pietta quality has caught up over the years. The #11 size percussion caps fit loosly on both Pietta, and Uberti revolvers, that's why they need a little pinch between the fingers and thumb so they'll snug up against the SPECS: Spring steel. Dec 15, 2018 · In this video, I compare Pietta and Uberti revolvers on the ability to load conical bullets. Although somewhat improved, this same gun is still available today, now called the 1873 model. Our Price: $1,050. di PIETTA 1900 Warner Avenue, Suite 1-D Santa Ana, CA 92705 949-261-6611 Pietta. 454 and . Uberti Firearms 1873 Cattleman 12 Round Revolver 356187, . Uberti: Which Is Better? - Duration: 7:57. Old Model. On the range, I found the Uberti 1860 Henry had the smoothest action out of the box I have ever encountered on a lever gun. Will NOT work on 5 shot Pocket Pistols; SOLD PER 6; Uberti, Pietta and Ruger Revolver Nipples are $36. 19 Feb 2015 PIETTA VS UBERTI 1851 NAVY. 38 Long Colt cowboy ammunition. Do they all come out of the same factory? Or are there differences in quality between these? Any advice/opinions appreciated. 016" longer; but I am not sure that the cylinder diameter or the cylinder locks are compatible. EMF sells a Great Western II Pietta . 44-caliber blackpowder revolver with an engraved, six-shot We carry the full line of Uberti Revolvers for sale in our online store, as well as pistols and revolvers from many other firearm manufacturers. The bird's head style grip first appeared on Colt derringers and the little Old Line and House Pistols of the early 1870s. Pietta has squared front and rear sights versus tapered front and v-notch rear of the standard Uberti Model P. The first step in converting our revolver to shoot cartridges is to verify the gun is not loaded. lli Pietta srl of Brescia is the most famous factory of historical weapons and hunting rifles in the world. 44 Revolver Conversion Cylinder Starting at $240. Uberti 1873 Cattleman New Model 357 Birds Head 4 3/4. R&D Conversion Cylinder : 38 Colt : Taylor's R&D Conversion Cylinder Uberti 1851 38 Colt 6-round cylinder, new in box. They work with Winchester #11 magnum caps, but were  Available for Uberti, Pietta, Ruger Old Army, Walker and Dragoon percussion revolvers: . 357 Mag pre war model Walnut Grips Pietta FAP Di Pietta SA 1873 6 shot revolver chambered in 357 Magnum. In 1959, Aldo Uberti founded A. Uberti® Reproduction Colt® 1851 Navy London Steel . Discussion Starter • #1 • Sep 22 Feb 24, 2015 · Usually the Uberti 1858 Remy will cost perhaps just a little more than the Pietta 1858 Remy (but not always), but because of what I wrote in #'s 1 & 2 above, it is worth it in my opinion. 00 Compare. com/ Link pagina Facebook:  3 Jan 2019 This is a comparison between the 1st Gen Colt Single Action Army and the Uberti (Cimarron) Single Action Army. 28 Jul 2018 In this video, I compare Pietta and Uberti, which are both popular Italian manufacturers of black powder firearms. Jun 04, 2012 · Get an Uberti made Peacemaker clone to have fun with in the near future. SAA will ALSO FIT Colt clones like,--CIMARRON,--UBERTI,--PIETTA,--USFA  28 Sep 2018 Oh, one last thought. To commemorate his life, Uberti is releasing an 1858 Centennial revolver. CR0644 Dixie/Uberti No. This is a discussion on Uberti Stallion vs Cattleman within the Single Action Revolvers forums, part of the Handgun Forum category; I'm thinking of getting the Stallion or Cattleman in Case Hardened, Brass, and 5 1/2" in 357/38 I've noticed the Cattleman comes in 357 and In an earlier video I modified an Uberti 1860 Army revolver to fire paper cartridges. with 7 1/2" barrel. Installation Services for my *NEW* Thuer® (all 3 versions) Kirst Kartridge Converters, R&D, Taylors and Howell. It’s not exactly an apples-to-apples comparison because I’m limited to just Jun 03, 2014 · The Pietta will have a larger grip frame that will be a little more comfortable for anyone used to modern guns, The Uberti will be dimensionally accurate to the original. Mar 29, 2017 · The new Uberti 1872 Open Top is a classic beauty that faithfully replicates the old school Richards/Mason conversion revolver. However in retrospect, I do really wish I had gotten a model with adjustable sights, even if is an anachronism. and Gemmer & Clemens, Inc. The Ruger Old Army revolvers were Bill Ruger's modern interpretation. 36 Caliber Revolver 7-1/2" Octagonal Barrel PiettaThe 1851 Navy, produced From 1851 To 1872, Was The Most Famous Of The Cap-And-Ball Era For Good Reason. 45 Long Colt cartridge conversion revolver. 00: CSA-6: Chamfer Chambers: Takes the sharp edge off cylinder chambers to facilitate easier Uberti 1875 Outlaw . 357 Magnum Revolver - Everything You Need To Know Jul 28, 2018 · In this video, I compare Pietta and Uberti, which are both popular Italian manufacturers of black powder firearms. Re: Pietta vs Uberti - porownanie Post autor: kozichwost » 2016-07-21, 10:08 hubertus pisze: Co do wymiarowania elementów - jak się chcecie bawić to pomierzcie egzemplarze z nowej produkcji a nie Oriona (Uberti) sprzed kilku dekad, gwarantuję że wymiary będą się znacząco różniły, choćby długość bębna Bon, PIETTA: bien fait, à quelques exceptions, mais juste BIEN, ils vont pas plus loin que ce qu'il faut, un truc pour tirer. Thanks for watching! _____ After the initial unboxing I noticed a few differences between the Uberti Remington Navy Revolver and the Dixie Pietta Remington 1858 Belt Pistol. Made in USA F. In 1875 the bird's head grip was incorporated into a new full-sized Colt revolver and the new shooting ir Uberti 1866 Yellowboy Sporting Rifle in 45 Long Colt, 24" Barrel, Brass Receiver. It is based off the Remington 1858 revolver design that Buffalo Bill carried. I am a any Dec 31, 2014 · The ubertis were $25. 45 colt. Price: $1,200. 44 Caliber Revolver Spare Cylinder makes reloading quick and easy without the need for tools. Oct 26, 2005 · Beretta Stampede vs Uberti Cattleman Revolvers. cc/8rgopx ) was an improvement of the original Henry rim fire. Taylor’s & Company 304 Lenoir Drive Winchester, VA 22603 540-722-2017 TaylorsFirearms. 99 (email quote price) The Uberti Cattleman II with retractable firing pin is a breakthrough for those seeking enhanced safety with regard to original Old West revolvers without sacrificing the visual authenticity of a 1st-generation Colt. The weakest point in the Colt style action is the hand spring and the trigger/bolt spring. Jan 16, 2012 · Luckily, A. Uberti blues the internal components and trigger. 22 single actions. Not used on the EMF Hartford. 45. I've had a number of Ubertis over the last 36 years and currently have a 1861 Navy that is a tack driver. 45 and Uberti 1873 Stallion . The newer Uberti's have a cylinder hand and spring much like the Rugers. Just Duke. "Manufacturing and selling Grips for Pietta 1860, Remington 1858 Pietta & Pietta 1873. Feb 15, 2011 · Here's a comparison between the 1858 Pietta that does not dovetail the front sight and loading lever catch stud under the barrel, vs the 1858 Uberti dovetailed ones. Show 40 post(s) from this thread on one page. High quality authentic reproduction blank firers made in Italy by Pietta and Uberti. 00 more each than the Pietta. ctmarronafirearms. , a Pietta 1851 Navy . Uberti. Just a shame that you may have to go out of state to May 09, 2009 · The Pietta is alot smootherthe Uberti was kinda stiff and gritty even after clean up. Elegant-looking reproductions of exotic grips for single-action revolvers look and feel like the hard-wearing stag antlers, jigged bone, or ivory used to customize original Old West sixguns. The Bisley was originally designed as a target revolver. Nickel plating was also in bore, though, and started flaking in the bore on the first outing. . Compliment your upgrade with our SliX-Hand loading assist lever. 429 with Colt type 1/16 LH BP style Sep 20, 2017 · Uberti 1866 Yellowboy Rifle. Pietta Stainless 1858 Remington Army 45LC/45 Schofield, Fluted 6 Round Aug 02, 2017 · Have several Uberti Colt replicas and am quite satisfied, but no experience with Pietta products. 22 LR. 36 Black Powder Revolver. 00: Out Of Stock Spare Cylinder For Uberti 1860 Army: 83-40005: $99. May 31, 2017 · I've owned pretty much every maker out there, just stay away from the brass frame open top Colt knock offs and you pretty much can't go wrong. - Via Mandolossa, 102 - 25064 - Gussago (BS) - Partita IVA 00274400175 Telefono : +39 030 3737098 - Fax : +39 030 3737100 - E-Mail : info@pietta. Pietta i . The new Uberti's have a threaded hole just above the left backstrap screw. revolvers, each made of different material and bearing patterns, or even plain. 00 Compare CR0737 PIETTA M1873 SAA 357 MAG 5 1/2" BBRL. 357 mag. Pedersoli/Uberti vs. 7 ½” replica Remington revolver. Jun 01, 2010 · The required load for the Uberti . Established in 1960 by Knight Giuseppe Pietta, the company first entered the world of gun-making by producing hunting guns, including side-by-side and over and under shotguns. 00: Out Of Stock Spare Cylinder For Uberti 1851 & 1861 Navy: 83-00005: $85. pietta. The revolver made its debut at the 1894 British Commonwealth Championship Match in Bisley, England. 00: Spare Cylinder For 2nd & 3rd Model Uberti Dragoon: 83-81005: $99. NEW IN BOX: $270: TAYLORS & CO. In the durability and overall ease of use, it's the Ruger hands down. A fter a careful study and a massive use of our human resources, this gun, according to some American experts whom it has been submitted to, turns out to be the best and the most suitable one to answer the demands of the modern cowboys: lasting reliability and interchangeability with the old west originals, we produce this gun using the best technologies So I thought I'd share a few photos and thoughts on pietta 1873 saa vs uberti cattleman II since I found it so hard to find peoples opinions on pietta when I was seeking info. 44-40 Win, 7. Re: Model 1860 Army Uberti vs Pietta « Reply #17 on: February 05, 2015, 08:35:41 pm  Select Pietta or Uberti. 1851 Navy, Steel . 36-Caliber Black Powder Uberti USA. 33,917 likes · 44 talking about this. I had read many times that Uberti made pistols are made a bit better than than Pietta made counterparts. 36 caliber version of the 1849 Pocket Model. com Feb 20, 2015 · The BIG difference is whose name is on the retail level. 44 Special revolver to smooth the action. Uberti produces black powder revolvers, cartridge revolvers and cartridge rifles. I'll also demonstrate how to install an Uberti rammer in a  15 Feb 2020 Link sito ufficiale Pietta: https://www. The 1860 from pietta has a 5. It’s not exactly an apples-to-apples comparison because I’m limited to just showing the models that I have, but I think you’ll see that both companies make both high-quality and low-quality guns. Click the Name or Picture to see a larger image, more details, and to order options such as colors, special effects, and medallions. The owners manual is in both English and Italian. Crowley · Registered. Any experience with Pietta revolvers? within the Guns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Hey folks, my dad and I were recently given a large amount of . They come in a variety of finishes, too, including blued steel, case-hardening, nickel-plating and matte with several options for grips. ” I bought this pistol used, but whoever had owned it before had obviously not shot it much. Uberti no longer produces the Paterson so please note that parts have limited availability from the factory. Uberti's are 2 75 Remington's (1 38/357 and 1 44-40). Get more enjoyment from your revolver by having more options. Today, A. Works in Uberti made Model 1866, Model 1873, and Henry Rifles. Armi San Marco, Armi San Paolo, and Jager were very successful over the 70’s and 80’s. When I 1st got my hands on the piettas I thought, oh god I should of bought ubertis, but now I've got to say I'm a big fan. it/ ➡️ Link sito ufficiale Uberti: https:// www. However they make some high quality firearms. The Euroarms and Uberti New Model Army replicas are nearly identical to the originals. Nov 08, 2011 · What is the difference between Pietta and Uberti pistols. Like the original, this replica utilizes a brass main frame and trigger guard, as the South had a limited supply of steel. It appears just stained and had tool marks on them. Base pin springs are used on Colt, Uberti and many clones. Most of my Pietta's started to "overthrow" the cylinder past the stop notch after just a little use, my Uberti's although they haven't seen a lot of shooting are still tight. 36 cal. 44/40 Winchester, . 00 1851 Navy Yank Pepperbox Revolver, . This Pietta SA is 10 shots, which is in keeping with a recent minor trend of quality, high cap . 44 and . Uberti vs. The casehardening is far superior to that of Pietta. It’s a faithful reproduction of one of the most important firearms in history. Moot. com. , Pietta, with a proficiency in laser engraving, creates a number of Cimarron’s commemoratives and other laser-engraved firearms. Colt Single Action Army vs Uberti SAA (History and Comparison) - Duration: 19:23. There are other Model P's like the Evil Roys and stainless guns that do have squared sights. A. Whether you are a competitive cowboy-action shooter, a working rancher or a discriminating collector, Uberti is the standard against which all other replicas are judged. 75, the Uberti looks to be 12-28 thread, like the Ruger Old Army. 357 Magnum Revolver - Everything You Need To Know Oct 18, 2018 · After receiving several Uberti replica percussion revolvers after the purchase of this one (even one’s on clearance at a reduced price), the difference in quality between the Pietta reproduction of the Colt Navy Griswold and Gunnison revolver and any Uberti percussion revolver is evident, with the latter being of better quality. Over the years, as the experience and skill of his craftsmen grew, Uberti expanded into replicas of classic lever-action rifles, cowboy six-shooters, and big game rifles. Make Offer - New F. Armando Piscetta and his Loano company Armi Jager started building Peacemaker clones in 1962. SAA Pietta vs. One of my buddies in WI had one and it was a very formidable piece. di Pietta Giuseppe & C. 22 pistol. 22 caliber six shooter. 00 (10) A. I prefer Uberti, they made all the Colt reissue guns, but you're paying for the name not just quality, they do have to meet import standards so have fun. This fluted conversion cylinder will allow you to convert your 1858 Remington Uberti . Pietta’s Army pistol is quite close to the original except the wooden grips are a bit large and the In 2007 Uberti went to a forged frame and refined the dimensions to match more exactly the originals. Flames, hot gases and percussion cap fragments might fly from the side of the gun causing serious injury . I'm getting a steel framed one, no brass. 00 our price $329. P. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 6 of 6 Posts. fisc. 120. Uberti firearms are exacting replicas, down to the finest detail. Specializing in Black Powder Italian pistols from Pietta, Uberti, ASM, Colt and other manufacturers. Pietta colt Pietta colt Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. The first time you have to remove and or re-install a front sight or rammer latch on a Pietta 1858 Remy, you'll wish you had bought the Uberti. Uberti S. 45 colt Sign in to follow this . . Pietta 1858 Remington . 1873 SAA Uberti VS. 005". 5" barrel where the uberti was 7. Nipple, 6-. Feb 13, 2019 · The Traditions 1873 Frontier line of single action revolvers is clearly a reproduction of the SAA design, but this iteration is built with modern bloodlines by Pietta of Italy. 75mm metric thread, . 44 frame with the bore drilled smaller. The only problem I've had was on 1 of the Alchemista's. Many are improvements over the originals, with the advancement of materials and the use of modern machinery. l. 44 to fire 45LC cartridges. May 01, 2015 · Pronounced flats on the grip to frame junction might well indicate a Uberti gun. Available for Uberti, Pietta, Ruger Old Army, Walker and Dragoon percussion revolvers: . Convert your Pietta/Uberti 1858 Remington . iva IT00274400175 Tel. Nov 17, 2010 · A Pietta Colt 1860 Army is given a chamber diameter of . ” One of the largest downsides, admittedly, to the fixed-cylinder SA revolver is its traditional six-round capacity (five in a Colt-style gun with an empty chamber in front of the hammer while carried Larqest Selectton On Earth! www. THESE CYLINDERS ARE DESIGNED FOR STEEL FRAME REVOLVERS ONLY. Neddleton gun's serial numbers? Serial numbers: 123093 is a early Uberti Neddleton with a USFA roll marked barrel built "under the blue dome". Taylor's R&D Conversion Cylinder Pietta 1858 45 Colt 6-round cylinder, new in box. I bought a pair of nickeled Stampedes over a year ago. The Pietta '61 is hard to improve on though, with the Uberti having only a slight edge. 45 Colt Stainless Snub Shootout (Snippets 2016 Book 4) Buy Uberti USA parts online now at the official Uberti USA factory Gear Store. The use of smokeless powder or any other unauthorized propellant could result in damage to the revolver and/or injury to the shooter. It seems May 22, 2020 · The very latest addition from Pietta, by popular demand they have added the . Our Price: $425. it. Western Blank Firers; Pietta Blank Firers; Uberti Blank Firers; Inert & Deactivated In 1959, Aldo Uberti founded A. Uberti Příspěvek od milanovnik » 14 zář 2005 19:04 Zdar kolegove,zajimali by me vase zkusenosti s replikami Coltu SAA od italskych vzrobcu F. This is a discussion on Uberti Stallion vs Cattleman within the Single Action Revolvers forums, part of the Handgun Forum category; I'm thinking of getting the Stallion or Cattleman in Case Hardened, Brass, and 5 1/2" in 357/38 I've noticed the Cattleman comes in 357 and Colt and copies of Colts, including replica cap and ball revolvers such as Uberti and Pietta, and all variations on the 1911 . uberti saa cattleman target revolver in . I also have a . 307" The Remington-Beals design lives on today in the form of replicas from Italian manufacturers Uberti, Pietta, and Euroarms; available in modern steel, and brass frame. 45LC from a family friend. (These can fit the Peitta or the Uberti depending on the shape of your grip frame) and will fit the Colt 2nd Gen. The Pietta's have come a long way in quality and make an excellent iteration, larger now for bigger hands and more comfortable for those who prefer such. 1851 Navy. Still family-owned, Pietta is known the world over and its firearms are still manufactured and the company’s owned manufacturing facility. With US-made springs if possible but otherwise they're going the distance. These days the finish quality is about equal, but the Pietta is available in more finishes. We offer our 1873 single action revolvers with your choice of deep bluing and nickel frames and barrel or color case hardened frame, all polished to perfection. So, this video will take you through the process, step by step. First shots fired Simulated Stag, Jigged Bone & Ivory Give Your Wheelgun An Authentic Period Look. in the village of Gardone Val Trompia in the Italian Alps and began making replicas of Civil War-era cap-and-ball revolvers. This is a . Uberti also makes a true transfer bar safety system in a gun called the Horseman, but I was not terribly impressed by the one I inspected–it seemed kind of flimsy. LLI. , 9" Barrel, Black Powder Revolver, 6 Rounds Buyer's Club $404. Before beginning any work, we ordered the Wolff spring kit for the Regulator. Learn more at Pietta Jan 16, 2014 · Uberti’s 1873 Competition Rifle carries an industry leading 5-year warranty. After I acquire some more “Cowboy” ammunition, it will be back to the range with the Uberti 1858 Remington New Army Conversion revolver. Shown as Ivory Heavy Antique. Sep 07, 2018 · My friend has several SAA style revolvers- a few Pietta's and a few Uberti's as well as as single, solitary Ruger Vaquero. The Pietta cylinder pin slid right out and cylinder comes out smoothlythe Uberti cylinder pin was bent a little and cylinder was a pain. - P. 99 Item is currently on backorder Uberti and Pietta remain today. Also the fit to frame for the uberti is perfect. I like the Pietta Steel Colts more than the Remingtons but I'm told the Colt design is not strong due to no top strap and the pistol even Mar 29, 2016 · 1851 colt navy 44 cal pietta, 1851 sheriff accuracy, al 44 army model 1851, colt 44cal hand gun barrel, colt cal. I had a couple emails from magazine writers telling me that I should look at Pietta and that they are tops in the Clone makers. The two “old model” replicas from Uberti are the Cattleman Charcoal Blue and the Old West May 10, 2012 · My favorite replica 1873 is made by Uberti. When any of these grips are installed as a ONE PIECE GRIP they will come with a spacer to be glued between the grip halves. ubertireplicas. 22 with a list of about $550 or so. The Uberti is positively the best reproduction firearm you can buy. Ruger: 12-28 x . The 1866 Yellow Boy ( tiny. Pietta a A. Jul 10, 2018 · Yes, this PARTICULAR gun has a steel frame. Starting in the early 1980s Mike Harvey, the owner and founder of Cimarron and who is an avid collector of Old West firearms, started working with Pietta to improve and change their designs so that they were true reproductions instead of merely cowboy-ish. I want to get a 1860 pistol but was wondering if the Uberti is worth the extra $80 or more dollars for it Feb 15, 2012 · The quality and craftsmanship of the Pietta revolvers is on par with the modern Uberti guns. 5" 6RD BLUE TG - $465. Nipples Track's new nipples - for the traditional purist hardened and tempered carbon steel, as original: Purists will appreciate our temper blued steel nipples, made from traditional carbon steel, as were the original nipples. gun has case hardened frame and brass trigger housing. May 14, 2019 · Now with more than 30 models in six calibers, the Pietta 1873 Single-Action Army Series has something for everyone. 45 COLT 5. Shop for Black Powder Revolvers parts and accessories with Numrich Gun Parts, the world's largest supplier of gun parts. A drop-out cylinder offers quick reloading. Jun 11, 2006 · You might mean 1851 navy's. Jun 06, 2012 · Uberti Stallion vs Cattleman. The roll engraving on the black powder cylinder is also available on the conversion cylinder. I've heard Uberti is better quality but I've also heard the Pietta pistols fit better in the hands. Uberti VS. L. Carefully remove the threaded plug and take out the spring and plunger. Kit includes Gated Ring with spring loaded firing pin, 6 Round Cylinder, (1) 6-32 Screw, Alignment Pin, Loading Port Template/Drill Fixture & Click here for Installation Instructions. Easily removable, replaceable cylinders made reloading extremely fast. 45. Jump to page: 09-23-2008, 10:36 AM. 36 Colt/ Remington versus . Back to the Muzzleloader Information Page Taylor's offers several models of the 1873 Cattleman which are manufactured in Italy by Uberti, a well-known Italian gun manufacturing company that is now owned and operated by Beretta Holding. 1851 Navy Revolver is 18 gr of FFFg black powder; a . comes with original box. One empty cylinder, half cock to free cylinder to load, four clicks and all. Bob May 09, 2018 · The Cimarron Firearms Uberti 1860 Henry is an exceptional copy of the original Henry Repeater. 44 magnum to their vast selection of models and calibers. 44 Cal. Both series also come equipped with a transfer bar system which provides the highest level of safety offered in an 1873 single action firearm. Several Upgrade or replace the pistol grips on your favorite replica revolver with grips from Uberti. Checkered walnut grips. The pietta is not. Grip is smaller on the Uberti, as the Ruger in question is a Bisley. Top it off with oversize European walnut grips and you have a real winner. Uberti Reproduction 1847 Colt Walker, . The Pietta nipples are M6 X . Uberti fits private-label, SAA clones made by Uberti. EMF's Great Western II single action revolvers and Hartford model percussion pistols are manufactured by F. Uberti old west style guns for the collector and competitor. Loading and unloading was flawless with no damage to the fragile . Ruger, EAA and Herritage have been doing it for years. Followers 0. Mar 12, 2016 · Uberti and Pietta nipple change I have a Uberti revolving carbine . Jan 02, 2015 · “As a plinker or trail gun, the Uberti Cattleman has good accuracy and keeps up with any 10-shot semi-auto in capacity, if not rate of fire. Uberti 344731. I found the Uberti's squared front sight blade marginally easier to align than the Winchester's round bead, although the brass bead is more visible in dim light. 13. Euroarms vs. I can say that the Uberti rifle is such a faithful copy of the original Winchester that the only parts difference is the thread pitch on the Uberti is metric instead of english threads. It’s also perfectly functional, still relevant, and just plain ol’ gorgeous. UBERTI 1873 CATTLEMAN II . I own several Uberti handguns and have shot the hell out of my Uberti Cattlemans, 2 Walker Colts, 1875 Army, 1890 Police . nmckenzie, Aug 2, 2017. However, Uberti does not make a reproduction of the all brass framed “Griswold. I recently got another Cimarron (Uberti made) . These brass framed repros (Pietta and Uberti both make them) are usually referred to as “brassies,” and I won’t own one. will not be responsible for physical injury, death, or damage to property resulting from the use of improper propellant in black powder pistol loads. Uberti offers the custom shop “El Patron” in 357 magnum and 45 Colt. 44 caliber -- Item #DDD22 $65. 00 More Details Buy. After doing the same to a couple of Pietta-made 1860s, I realized there are enough differences to warrant a video dedicated to working on Piettas. To $4,744. with an extra cylinder. 36 police Uberti is a great concept but so small that the spent caps jam up the gun almost every time. LLI PIETTA F. Uberti Stainless 1860 Army 45LC/45 Schofield. Dec 11, 2015 · Uberti comes with a dovetailed front sight, Pietta does not. Load: . Uberti USA 901 Eighth Street Pocomoke, MD 21851 301-283-6981 Uberti-USA. In the fit and finish department, it's easily the Uberti (one piece walnut grips, nicer bluing, nicer case hardening and much better triggers). This was good for me, since I got a pistol in good shape for considerably less than the going price of this model Mar 23, 2015 · Ruger Vaquero Vs Uberti Cattleman I am looking to buy a good CAS gun and I have narrowed my choices to these two guns. Jan 31, 2015 · Pietta does a nice case hardening on their frames. As Above, no engraving. Shop online now and select from a variety grips, parts kits, sights, optics, holsters, cases, knives and more. This critical spring latches the cylinder pin in place and is often weak or too light. We now have available an R & D Conversion Cylinder for the Uberti Walker. 357. Excellent condition with box. R&D Conversion Cylinder : 45 Colt Uberti: Cattleman: $200 : Gallery / Online ordering '75 Outlaw: $225 : Gallery / Online ordering : Schofield. A good suggestion to learn a lot about both guns is to watch Mike Beliveau's YouTube videos. Pietta s. I sold the Uberti for $175 and got a T/C Hawken in excellent condition for $200. 5". UBERTI: jaspage meilleur, bronzage magnifique comme le polissage, travail minutieux, soigné, ajusté, meilleur mécanisme, attentif aux dimensions exactes, meilleur bois séléctionné. Uberti Rimfire Rifles; Pedersoli Rimfire Rifles; Pietta Rimfire Rifles; Military Rimfire Rifles; Shotguns. 36 frame rather then a . 38spl/. I personally think the Uberti's are nicer, but I can say that we both prefer the fit, feel, heft, mechanicals, and general shooting qualities of either the Uberti or Pietta over the Ruger! Hard to believe but it's true. Depending on who ultimately sold the gun, you'll see lower or higher level of fit and finish. Printable View. Uberti’s have started adding more lawyer safety features in the last few years. 451 Round Ball, Lubricated Felt Wad, 30 grains FFFg Goex black powder, Remington #10 Pietta 1861 Navy Thunderer UNBOXING I unbox Pietta's "Avenging Angel" 1861 Navy Thunderer and make a few improvements. Select Pietta or Uberti. 33:11. Thanks in advance for any insights. Uberty. Find simulated pearl / ivory, bison horn, and several wood grains to match your style perfectly. Shooters today tend to take for granted self-contained metallic cartridges that combine the primer, powder and projectile into one unit that is easy to load and handle. Genuine Pietta - Hand Spring - For Colt 1851 1860 1861 Bp Revolver -new Part. Nov 30, 2011 · This replica is made by the Italian firm of Uberti, long known for their Old West replicas, and is marketed under the name 1875 “Outlaw. Uberti, Srl. Cimarron Pietta Parts Blued 87%. 225" Overall length: 0. Mar 23, 2015 · Lets begin with the Uberti. 29 Mar 2018 This Colt Peacemaker grip set was patterned after a Pietta SAA 1873 replica, but it may fit a large number of other guns: compare dimensions, or send a tracing to be sure. 357Mag. ” Uberti Stainless 1858 Remington Army 45LC/45 Schofield, Fluted 6 Round . I knew several gunsmiths that had used Uberti parts to put an old Winchester together and get it running again. I've seen the Pietta the same way but I think oiled grip is the standard now. HN 47169 Uberti gun HN 47191 Uberti HN 47238 Uberti I recently bout the . Uberti sets the standard for producing quality replica firearms by which all others are judged. Web ID: 100122954. Hollow-based bullets must be used in the conversion. 544" Diameter of base: 0. 452". Oct 13, 2019 · SA revolver help. From $1. Uberti HARDENED Complete Screw Set (1860,61) TG Screw, 4xBS Screw - Wedge Screw, Plunger Screw, Sear Sp Screw, Mainspring Screw,Hammer Screw, Trigger Screw, Bolt Screw,2x Stock Screw, Lower BS Screw Check Stock The Uberti "1858" New Model Army is a well-made and accurate reproduction of one of the very best of the breed. Uberti I know that Cimarron revolvers are made by Uberti, but I thought I'd ask for any first-hand info as far as comparing fit and finish. There was too much headspace between the cylinder and the recoil shield. Cartridge Conversion Cylinder Engraved with Loading Gate for 1851 & 1861 Pietta 38 Long Colt (. Uberti cartridge rifles embody the look and feel of the Old West. and the British military. gwilson. Can't remember if his was Pietta or Uberti, since its been nigh onto 30 years now. I've found fit, finish, and brass to be nicer with the Uberti made guns as oposed to the Piettas. 44 caliber, and uses a single-action trigger. The older Uberti's have a cylinder hand like the Colt, with a leaf spring on the rear of the hand. Note: A complete review of this revolver can be found on the Product Review Page. Uberti Centrefire Rifles; Enfield No. Uberti has the polyurethane finish on the grips. 5 $ 467. 5 Barrel . Lee and gold prospectors, frontiersmen, bandits and lawmen of all stripes! May 05, 2011 · Pietta . 44-40 case mouths on ejection. I o ile ten drugi nie jest rzadkością, chociaż ceny oscylują w granicach kilkudziesięciu tysięcy dolarów, to największe dziecko Colta stanowi prawdziwy rarytas Aug 02, 2016 · She fingered several of them, and settled on the Pietta. 00 PIETTA SEMI-AUTO SGN CASE (HARD) Price: $50. This article is about how to take the very stiff and unmodified Uberti Regulator revolver and make it competitive. My last SA was also a Cimarron, but made by Pietta. I was very happy to find that this is built on a true . Uberti does a better finish job on the face of the bullet ram. Our price: $1,169. Important notice. Looked great. The Uberti line of revolvers includes the Patterson, Top Break, Dragoon, Navy, New Army, Cattleman, and many Jan 21, 2014 · I have a 1858 Remington in . The fit, feel and finish of the 1873 Competition Rifle is similar to the old west models, but with improvements that Steampunk rifle - Fully functional! You've GOT to see this!! FireMountainOutdoors · 4698 Views. This revolver’s finish is attractive and provides outstanding corrosion resistance. Uberti has replaced the hand spring with a spring loaded plunger. CASED SET: 1860 ARMY/1862 SNUBNOSE DLX "OLD SILVER" ENGRAVED. pietta vs uberti

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